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Studies show that people can hardly remember 10–20% from a meeting. So it becomes hard to note down most of the important information, sometimes it’s easy to miss. Automated minutes of meetings can help you if you conduct meetings regularly on a daily basis. We will take your responsibility. And you know our software does not have problems with tiredness or dizziness. You will be able to focus on talking on your agenda instead of taking notes. Our AI platform records meetings and automatically transcribes them. This saves time spent taking minutes, you can do other things that require your attention. Makes it possible for you to go through notes later and action them. The transcriptions are stored in one place so you can access, refer and analyze them easier. We also provide sentiment analysis, as well as keywords of meetings.

What Are the Minutes of meeting?

We regularly conduct meetings. Due to COVID-19, most of the meetings are happening virtually. Minutes of meetings are actually a list of action items and schedules that we take notes down from the meeting. But we come up with automated minutes of meetings for you which are powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Record & Transcribe

Using our application, you will be able to record with screen any kind of meeting for example Google meet, ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc. You can also upload any records and get the transcribe with a single click.

Minutes of meeting

Our application will generate minutes of meetings for you. You will get all the action items along with name and date, scheduled events, all of the attendee’s information.

Automated Keyword Generation and Sentiment Analysis from meetings

You will get all those important keywords that were discussed in the meeting. Along with that also get the sentiment from meeting attendees which will help you to understand, analyze and decide the next necessary steps after the meeting. Isn’t it amazing!

How it Works

The simplest and most efficient way for professionals to automatically transcribe, summarize, organize, and recall their meeting notes, action items, and schedule items. It works by automatically recognizing speech. We have an AI-powered algorithm that can detect the name, date, sentiment, detect keywords and find out action items. Our application can take your conversation transcript by scraping. Then it will preprocess and go through artificial intelligence and natural language process algorithms to appear what is important for you. The training process for AI voice apps follows these general steps:

* Audio is captured through a microphone, as well as screen recording is available.

*Then we have scraper software which can transcribe meeting conversations along with name and time stamp.

* This analyzes phonemes and the words formed when those phonemes are complete.

* This analyzes pronunciations, stopwords, TF, IDF, count vectorizer and so many other aspects of natural language processing.

* This involves contextual analysis and filter through the conversation to find out action items, schedule item, and dates.

* Finally, your minutes of the meeting file will be ready. But everything in the backend will be done within a blink of your eyes. So, try it out now.



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